basic information
Product features

·Horizontal structure, closed-loop water cooling system
·Aluminum alloy mold, it is more convenient and quick to replace the mold, no need to disassemble the water pipe
·Electric adjustment of forming machine
·PCC control system
·Multi-point uniform vacuum technology
·Synchronous operation with other downstream equipment such as extruder, cutting machine, etc.


Note: ① Extruder  ② Die head  ③ SL180 Corrugator  ④ Aluminum alloy moulds  ⑤ SL180 cooling tank 

⑥ SL180cutter  ⑦ SL180 stacker  ⑧ SL180 single station coiler 

SL180 double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line specification:
Note: Products can be customized according to customers’requirements. 

Telephone, TV, computer, construction etc. used as cable protection pipe

Construction industry used as ventilation pipe

Washing machine telescopic pipe, machine and other threading pipe

Raining water collection etc.