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Suba machinery aluminum alloy moulds are with integrated structure.
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Product features
  • The corrugated pipe is formed inside the corrugator.During the extrusion process the plasticized material is extruded into the forming channel. The forming of the pipe can be sup-ported and optimized by using vacuum in the moulds.
  • Water cooled moulds guarantee high output and excellent pipe quality.
  • The new designed mould cooling chamber wall and the mould body are made of same material -aluminum alloy, are there is no insulation layer between mould chamber wall and mould body.Aluminum alloy has best thermal conductivity which achieves high cooling efficiency and fast forming of pipes.
  • Mould surface has taken harden treatment,the hardened layer has high strength and long service life;
  • Optimized cooling chamber ensures biggest cooling sectional area which makes sure the cooling water has sufficient contact surface with the moulds ,cooling efficiency is high;
  • Moulds are customized according to customers’ requirement about the different stiffness and pipe profile; Online socket and spigot production, easy pipe connection.