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The blank is extruded from the extruder through the inner and outer die of the double layer pipe die head.
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Double layer pipe die head
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Product features
  • Double layer pipe die head is suitable for HDPE and PP materials. 
  • Die head is fixed on the die head bracket, and die head replacement is simple and quick. 
  • Suba die head short channel design (shorten about 25%), effectively lower down the melt pressure, achieves low temperature low pressure extrusion, production efficiency increases 25%; The low extrusion melt pressure reduces requirement of parts, the material leakage risk at the connection is greatly reduced.  
  • The double channel starts from the die head body and reaches the die exit, it achieves multi extruders extrude two layers.
  • The optimized design of double layer pipe die head, the inner and outer wall thickness adjustment is very stable and convenient, which achieves dynamic adjustment, no need to stop extruders, no need to loosen any fastening screws, shorten adjustment time and reduce the material leakage risk.