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The innovative corrugator of Suba machinery corrugated pipe extrusion line adopts a horizontal water cooling structure. The vacuum and inflation technology work together to ensure the rapid pipe forming.
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Product features
  • The center height of different sizes is consistent; Changing sizes only need to replace moulds, no need to adjust the corrugator platform. 
  • Patented closed loop water cooling system; Moulds replacement only by loosening or tightening the screws and turning the eccentric disk, there is no any water tubes connected to the moulds, moulds replacement no need to plug and unplug the water tube, 50% time saving for sizes replacement. 
  • Corrugator left and right racks are electrically opened and closed freely, which is convenient for equipment inspection and maintenance, and the equipment structure is more stable and easier to operate. 
  • Patented mould cooling system, one end of the hose runs continuously and synchronously with the moulds, the other end rotates around the fixed axis. The optimized mould cooling system ensures that the inertia impact of the equipment is minimized, which is especially suitable for high speed production and ensures a longer service life. 
  • The length of the moulds cooling water inlet and outlet tube is no longer limited by the specification of moulds, the inlet and outlet tubes are arranged more closely, which avoid equipment damage and the water leakage risk caused by tubes stuck between adjacent moulds.