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Suba machinery corrugated pipe extrusion line includes automatic feeding system and hopper with drying function.
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  • The developed SJ65, SJ75, SJ90, SJ120, SJ150 extruders use a buffering mixing section and large L/D ratio screws, which has a good plasticization, high output and wide adaptability to raw materials; the feeding section with a spiral buffer design, direct water cooling and automatic temperature control system, which can increase the conveying efficiency at the feeding end. 
  • Bimetallic screw and barrel effectively improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance, service life is increased by 2-3 times;
  • Extruder is equipped with a fine-tuning base to make sure a better connection with the die head; 
  • Gearbox adopts vertical structure which achieves compact structure, low noise index, strong carrying capacity and high transmission efficiency; 
  • The optimized co-extrusion system of multiple extruders achieves optimal matching production of various specifications. The production of small sized products does not cause waste of the extrusion system, and the production of large sized products has sufficient output.