basic information
Product features
  • Horizontal structure, closed-loop water cooling system inside the module
  • Special material aluminum alloy module, module replacement is easy and fast, no need to plug in the water circuit
  • The forming machine is electrically adjusted up and down left and right
  • Quick opening of the intermediate forming channel via the connecting shaft
  • PCC control system
  • touch screen control
  • Multi-point uniform vacuum technology
  • Synchronous operation with other downstream equipment such as extruders, cutters, etc.
  • with weighing system
  • with remote control system

Note: ① Extruder  ② Die head  ③ SL1600 Corrugator  ④ Aluminum alloy moulds  ⑤ SL1600 cooling tank  ⑥ SL1600 cutter  ⑦ SL1600 stacker  

    SL1600 double wall corrugated pipe extrusion line specification:
Note: Products can be customized according to customers’requirements.